The New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church is a warm and accepting community that exists to worship God and to represent the love of Christ to one another and to the community. We will achieve this by committing ourselves to God in prayer, in Bible Study, in the promulgation of the gospel and in the stewardship of our God-given gifts.

We covenant as the body of Christ to:

Love God by:

Glorifying Him through worship and praise.
Obeying His truth as revealed in the Bible.
Deepening our relationship with Him through prayer and meditation.

Love one another by:

Developing relationships built upon mutual commitment, forgiveness, and tangible care.
Ministering to one another through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Helping one another grow into active disciples.

Love our neighbors by:

Sharing the good news of salvation and the healing love of Jesus Christ.
Promoting the righteousness and justice of God in our world.
Participating in global mission of Jesus Christ.
Preparing everyone to keep all of God's commandments and to be in the readiness for the soon return of our Lord.