Children Choir
We are delighted that you and your child are interested in joining the New Hope Children Choir! To all new parents and prospective choir members, we are especially thankful that you have made the decision to join us in our quest for a deeper relationship with our Creator, through the ministry of New Hope Children Choir (NHCC). It is to Him that our praise is directed and it is His pleasure that we seek. Our prayer is that NHCC members will experience the supreme joy that is ours as we worship Him “in Spirit and in Truth” .
The program planned for NHCC is exciting and challenging. Our rehearsals will include not only the study of wonderful music but also a worship curriculum, as well as the introduction of “Hymn Treasurers,” a program designed to teach children the great hymns of the faith while encouraging family worship and greater participation by our children, in our corporate worship. 
We are thankful for the support and assistance given by many NHCC parents and are praying for your continued support and assistance throughout the year. It is our aim to be regarded as a model of excellence for children's choir ministry and, aided by the Holy Spirit we prayerfully endeavor to joyful and relentless pursuit of our goal.

Yours in Christ,
Christine Morgan & Doreen Joseph, NHCC Directors

Music Events

Divine Worship Speaker: Elder William Winston, SAC President AYS: Roger Davis Quartet Festival