Religous Liberty

The foundation of the Seventh-day Adventist religious liberty ministry rests on the bedrock of revelation found in the Holy Scriptures. Four great biblical truths—the creation of humanity, the sacrificial atonementof Jesus, the new birth of the believer, and the Second Advent—are the building blocks for this ministry.

It is the freedom, the liberation, the emancipation of the human will, that was purchased at Calvary. Before Christ, humanity was enslaved. After the cross and the new birth, humanity is free.

It is because freedom was purchased by Jesus, our beloved Saviour, at such great cost that we, His followers and disciples, value it. We value freedom, not because we are selfish or fearful, but because we cherish the sacrifice of Christ. It is this appreciation, this gratitude, that is a springboard for proactively championing the protection of the free exercise of religion for people of all faiths or of no faith. It is also the reason that we must oppose any attempt to coerce the conscience.

The ministry of religious liberty is a fruit of the gospel of Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice liberates humanity from the penalty of transgression and whose abiding presence frees us from the enslaving power of the carnal heart. It is through the pardon and power of the Son that humanity has indeed been set free!

Eliad Johnson
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