St. Aubyn C. Edwards, is the 1st of 7 children born to the late Jeremiah & Medora Edwards, in the district of Fullersfield, in the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica, West Indies.

He attended the elementary schools in Fullers Field and Lacovia, St. Elizabeth, the parish in which he grew up.

After successfully completing the Third Jamaica Local exam, he was employed as a bench chemist at the Holland Sugar Estate in St. Elizabeth.

It was during his young adulthood that he was introduced to Adventism . He was baptized in 1951 and was met with great opposition, especially from his father, who advised his mother to deny him food and any other comforts at home. Soon he was ‘rescued’ by a Bible Worker, Enid Robinson, who arranged in 1954 for his admission to West Indian Training College (later known as West Indies College and presently, Northern Caribbean University). His parents and 5 sisters accepted Adventism many years later.

After spending approximately 3 years at this institution and not having financial support despite working on the farm and in the print shop, he was compelled to delay further studies and seek employment to continue school.

It was while at WITC that he met and dated Missilene Demetrius who would become his wife 8 years later in 1962. Instead of returning to school, he continued teaching at the church school in Coleyville, Manchester and later working as a drug rep with Sterling Drug Company and Adolph Levy in Kingston, Jamaica.

He fondly recalls the period he served at the North Street SDA Church as MV (now AYS) leader and working energetically with his pastor, Fred White, as he led the young people to do Harvest Ingathering , community work and social endeavors.

He immigrated to New York in November 1967 with his wife and two young children. He soon found employment as a drug representative with Dorsey Labs. After a few years there, he became a Life Insurance Underwriter with New York Life Insurance Company from 1972 until he retired in 1996.

He has always been a very active and involved church participant, serving in the Hanson Place Church (New York), as AYS leader, Head Chorister, SS Superintendent, SS teacher, Elder.
He was very involved in the New York WIC Alumni Chapter, serving as its President, Parliamentarian and spearheaded many fundraising events for the Chapter.

He relocated to Georgia in 1990 and became very involved in the programs of the New Hope Church, serving as Head Chorister, Head Elder from 1991-2002. He worked untiringly in the refurbishing of the warehouse which would be the worship sanctuary for the years prior to construction of the present sanctuary which was completed in 2001. During this time he worked arduously on the Building Committee and with the other elders in conducting the various programs of the church, including Bible studies and community outreach projects. While serving as Head Elder he was very enthusiastic and interested in the church and seeing to the general upkeep and appearance of the premises. Often times he could be seen mowing the grass.

He was a fun-loving person who enjoys social gatherings and if the appropriate music is available, he will tap his feet and be ready to be involved in a “march”. Cruises are also his enjoyment. That is the main reason, since 1987, that he plans/organizes one every year for his wedding anniversary.

When he retired, he found much interest in gardening – tilling the soil, weeding the unwanted grass, planting the seeds, tending the crop and sharing his “bounties” with others.

He loves his God and his church. He is a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and a friend to all. His goal was to go home to live with Jesus, his Savior and elder Brother, very soon.

His sincere request was the if he died before the return of Christ, is that money not be wasted on funeral arrangements…no fancy casket, no designer suit, no extravagant floral display, etc. The funds could be used well by someone else.